McCrory lies about secret meeting with Duke executives in debate

RALEIGH, NC – In tonight’s debate, Governor McCrory was asked about a secret meeting he held with Duke Energy executives in June of 2015. The Governor claimed the meeting was to inform his former employers that he intended to veto SB 71, which would have given the legislature the ability to oversee coal ash cleanup.

The problem? There was no such legislation in 2015. The legislature passed coal ash legislation in 2014 and June of 2016 – a full year after the Governor’s secret meeting.

Meanwhile, the McCrory administration is under fire for pressuring state scientists to rescind do-not-drink orders near Duke coal ash ponds in 2015, despite scientists’ concerns about toxic well-water.

“When asked about his private meetings with Duke Energy executives tonight, Governor McCrory gave an answer that couldn’t possibly be true. But in the same timeframe, we know the Governor’s staff personally intervened to pressure state scientists to rescind do-not-drink orders for water they thought was toxic. So the question remains: Why was Governor McCrory meeting with his former employer and why won’t he be honest with North Carolina families?” said Cooper for NC spokesman Ford Porter.