Emails: HB 2 all about politics for McCrory

Raleigh, NC – Governor McCrory has repeatedly claimed that HB 2 opponents don’t fully understand the legislation or simply haven’t read the bill. But emails released this week prove that, in fact, it was the McCrory Administration that had no understanding of the legal ramifications of HB 2 – even after the Governor rushed to sign the law.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

“The emails suggest the governor’s staff were figuring out potential ramifications of the legislation on the fly.

On March 23, as the bill was being debated, Drew Moretz, vice president of state government relations at the University of North Carolina General Administration, forwarded an email to Steen explaining potential implications for the university system. “By not accommodating an individual’s gender identity, the University could face a potential discrimination suit or (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) claim from an employee,” the memo stated.

And two days after the bill passed, a woman emailed the governor’s office to ask what the law meant to her disabled husband whom she sometimes took into the women’s bathroom so she could help him.

“Any thoughts on how to respond to this one?” Alicia Johnson, of the governor’s office, asked her colleagues.”

“It’s now clear that Governor McCrory was dead-set on being the HB 2 Governor, not a jobs governor. While the Governor was attacking businesses and flying around the country defending HB 2, his own office didn’t even fully understand the ramifications of the law. Pat McCrory put divisive partisan politics ahead of our families and economy. North Carolina deserves better,” said Cooper for NC spokesman Ford Porter.