Cooper bests McCrory with deeper grasp of issues in debate

Editorial Board
News & Observer

As evidenced Tuesday in his final debate at WRAL-TV with his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper (Libertarian Lon Cecil also participated), Republican Gov. Pat McCrory continues to think of the governor’s office as being mayor of Charlotte writ large. It is not that. Cooper simply showed a depth of understanding of the issues that affect North Carolina’s working families and how he would make their lives better.

McCrory touted his “Carolina Comeback,” wherein the state’s unemployment rate has been lowered — true — and business is on the upswing. That point is up for debate, especially in the wake of the catastrophic HB2, the legislature’s outrageous law scuttling discrimination protections from the Charlotte City Council for the LGBT community. The law also prevented local communities from enacting anti-discrimination measures of their own and from raising the minimum wage.