Invest in Early Childhood Education

Last week, Roy had the opportunity to tour the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams factory.

In 1989, the company was established in the rural town of Taylorsville, North Carolina. It quickly became known for comfortable, and modern furniture.

The founding fathers of the company wanted it to be just as family-friendly as it was popular, so they launched an not-for-profit, education-based daycare center on-site — Lulu’s Child Enrichment Center.

“We are changing the way American businesses operate,” said Mitchell.

The childcare center is one of the first of its kind in the home furnishings industry. It has received a AAAA rating from the state of North Carolina, and was even named ‘Provider of the Year’ for Alexander County.

“We feel the benefits we offer are not just morally correct but the best way to attract an exceptional workforce,” said Mitchell. “The result is that our business is equally successful.”

During his visit, Roy became a part of this highly rated program, receiving an honorary Doctorate of Equality. Lulu’s cited his, “dedicated service and advocacy for North Carolina residents both big and small, while upholding the ideal of comfort for all.”

Lulu’s is a great example of the importance of early childhood education. When children have a strong start in education, they benefit from better academic performance and career success later in life.

Roy has a plan to expand access to childhood education to families across North Carolina, by increasing enrollment in Pre-K and funding for childcare facilities. Our plan also includes a childcare tax credit, which would serve as an important tax break to middle class families.

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