Roy Cooper: fighting for North Carolina’s environment

Roy has always recognized the importance of protecting our state’s natural resources. He knows that a healthy environment is important for a strong economy and people’s health. On April 8, he even received the Airkeeper Award at the NC BREATHE conference for his environmental work. For Earth Day, we are taking a look at just a few ways that he championed protecting our environment.

Stopped out-of-state polluters

As Attorney General, Roy argued and won a landmark settlement against the Tennessee Valley Authority for polluting NC’s air. The federal settlement forced TVA to retire 18 of its 59 coal units, and most others had to be equipped and operated with equipment aimed at reducing emissions. TVA also had to pay $11.2 million to NC for efforts to promote energy efficiency and reduce demand for electricity.

Awarded over $25 million in grants for environmental work

As Attorney General, Roy awarded grants to groups working to keep our land, air and water clean. The funds have gone to groups including land trusts, soil and water conservation districts, and other environmental and conservation groups. Roy’s initiative helps enhance the environment and increase natural diversity.

Helped lead implementation of NC’s Clean Smokestacks Act

Roy was an advocate for the Clean Smokestacks Act, which required coal-fired power plants to reduce harmful emissions. His leadership helped push for cleaner air throughout North Carolina. Cleaner air for all North Carolinians means fewer cases of lung disease and asthma, less smog and acid rain, and reduced mercury levels in our lakes and rivers

North Carolina’s environment is a critical part of the state economically and culturally. The state is a leader in renewable energy technology. Roy will fight for better environmental policies which will help people across the state. He understands the critical role the environment plays for many North Carolinians livelihood and recreational pursuits. As governor, he will continue to champion policies that protect natural resources and improve public health.