10 Things You Don’t Know About My Dad, Roy Cooper

My dad, Roy Cooper, has been in the public eye for a long time. I want to show you a different side of him. Here are a few things you probably don’t know about him:

1. He loves Star Trek

We love to tease him for being a nerd but it’s true, he loves Star Trek.

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2. He is a huge Carolina Hurricanes fan
He keeps up with the team all the time and whenever he gets the chance he goes to the games. It’s never a surprise to find him with the game on TV.

3. His favorite sodas are Diet Sun Drop and Mountain Dew
I can’t say I agree with him on this one but he really does love these…

4. He once fell through my ceiling
My dad’s foot once went through the ceiling of my bedroom by messing around in the attic even after Mom warned him about that area.

5. He loves cereal
My dad and I share a deep love of cereal. He tweeted this on National Cereal Day and it’s true:

6. He was the quarterback of his high school football team

And also a swing forward on the basketball team. I’m sure you’ve heard he blocked Phil Ford’s shot one time. He’ll tell you about his athletic glory days for hours (if you let him).

EPSON scanner image


7. He really hates spiders
I’m with him on this one.

8. His brother once shot him in the foot with a BB gun
He and his brother Pell were always getting into shenanigans growing up.

9. He makes really good pancakes 
Dad used to get up on Saturday morning and make us pancakes, but to get said pancakes we had to listen to a story about how he made pancakes in college for his whole dorm on weekends.

10. He loves Tom Petty
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — definitely one of his favorites.

He loves Seinfeld 
He loves Jerry Seinfeld (and seems to think he’s funny enough to be on the show).