Amid gas shortage McCrory ignores ban on non-essential travel

Raleigh, NC – Yesterday, Governor McCrory signed an executive order suspending all non-essential travel due to the gas shortage following an explosion in an Alabama pipeline. Unfortunately, the Governor is personally refusing to follow the order.

It seems the Governor’s office has no intentions of limiting his own  travel and will be making an cross-state trip to Boone today to attend the Samaritan’s Purse Award Presentation. Yesterday, new reports showed that Governor McCrory has been using state aircraft to travel to political events without reimbursing taxpayer funds. Today’s news proves that when it comes to taxpayer funded travel, Governor McCrory believes even his own rules don’t apply to him.

“Just this morning, Governor McCrory touted the importance of limiting state travel amid the gas crisis – while personally ignoring his own executive order. Meanwhile, we’ve learned that the McCrory campaign has been using state aircraft for campaign travel at taxpayer expense. Governor McCrory puts himself ahead of North Carolina families every time – and this is a reminder of why he needs to go,” said Cooper for NC spokesman Ford Porter.