Basketball a big part of gubernatorial candidate Cooper’s life

By Ethan Joyce
Rocky Mount Telegram

Roy Cooper burst out in laughter from a question he didn’t expect.

Before House Bill 2 sent the NCAA and the ACC running from North Carolina, before he started barreling down the final stretch of the gubernatorial race against incumbent Pat McCrory, the state’s attorney general took time to talk to the Telegram this summer about an easy topic: basketball, specifically his playing days.

While Cooper might not be the most prolific athlete to come out of the Twin Counties, the 1975 Northern Nash High School graduate is the most notable Knight considering his political career. When asked to describe his playing style, Cooper couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of his younger self.

“I was a good shooter, and I was a decent rebounder,” Cooper said during an August phone interview. “I was a little slow and very much would have loved a 3-point line, but they didn’t have it when I was playing.

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