Over 10,000 layoffs this year, McCrory’s “Carolina Comeback” still not working


Governor McCrory frequently touts his supposed  “Carolina Comeback,” boasting of an allegedly strong and broad-based economic recovery. Recent numbers from the North Carolina Department of Commerce (NCDC) indicate otherwise.

According to the NCDC, there have been 10,150 layoffs announced so far this year.  This is 70% more than the 5,855 in the entirety of 2015, and the highest since Governor McCrory took office in 2013. The Winston-Salem Journal reported that North Carolina has also lost 1,400 manufacturing jobs since a year ago.

These numbers further illustrate what Governor McCrory isn’t telling you about the so-called “Carolina Comeback”, especially in the ongoing backlash of House Bill 2.

HB2 has driven away business, events, and tourists, costing the state thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars. And the fallout from HB2 just keeps coming. Recently, the University of Vermont women’s basketball team cancelled their game against the University of North Carolina, refusing to play in a state that lacks an “inclusive climate,” said UVM athletic director Jeff Schulman.

A struggling state economy affects everyone, but is felt especially by lower and middle class workers. According to a recent analysis, North Carolina has lost 80,000 middle wage jobs since before the recession.

These conditions have hurt upward mobility, and median household incomes have fallen since before the recession. North Carolina ranked fourth on a recent list of the nation’s top 10 “States Where The Middle Class is Dying.”  The Governor’s policies are working for those at the top, while doing little for working families.

What we can say is, 10,150 North Carolinians aren’t working and neither is the Governor’s “Carolina Comeback.”